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You have arrived to the ChronicDiseaseLocal welcome page for the Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC).   ChronicDiseaseLocal is an online resource for community members and providers who are interested in locally accessible disease management and prevention services.

The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities is a faith-based organization comprised of more than 70 faith institutions and health professionals, who came together to address health disparities in Washington, D.C. LCHC is working to create a healthier D.C. by linking the community – starting in our faith centers – to accessible and affordable health and wellness services. Our objective is not just about providing a map of clinics, but of services throughout your neighborhood to offer you a healthier, happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

In conjunction with the Leadership Council for Healthy Communities, the Department of Health and local partners and providers, provides a listing of community resources for individuals and health care providers to readily access.


For Community Members:

To find resources near you enter your zip code in the top right corner. Here you will be able to find local services related to managing or preventing chronic conditions. You will also be able to find services for Nutrition & Weight Management, Physical Activity, Medication and Monitoring, Management Education, and other services for Cancer and Chronic Conditions/Complications (i.e. Eye Care, Kidney, Smoking, and Heart Conditions).

For Service Providers:

If you are a service provider you can add or update your resources to; doing so will allow your programs to be viewable to the DC community. Please note that all resources added are subject to review.

To add a resource you must first register as a Chronic Disease Local user. Once you have registered you will be able to Create a Resource and/or Recommend a Resource to our library. If you have multiple locations and/or resources please contact us for assistance with multiple entries by selecting the Contact Us link. If you would like to update the information on your services please sign in and select the resource you want to edit, or select the Account Help link.

To learn more about the Leadership Council for Healthy Communities and our programs, visit us online at or call 202-541-1031.  For additional questions about ChronicDiseaseLocal and/or the Bureau of Cancer and Chronic Disease please contact us at 202-442-9129.  You may also submit questions and comments through Contact Us.


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